Over 130 Hotels throughout MesoAmerican Reef Following Environmental Practices

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Since 2007, MARTI has been working with hotels in the Riviera Maya to implement positive environmental practices. What started with 12 hotels, MARTI now works with over 130 throughout the Riviera Maya, Cozumel and Cancun. To bring 130 hotels together under the same effort to implement environmental best practices is a big achievement.

Much of MARTI’s work with the hotels has focused on environmental awareness among staff at all levels, including managers, supervisors, cooks, waiters, and maids. The training includes teaching good practice around water, energy, and recycling use. Trained hotel staff have been using these lessons at work and also at home with their families. Small incremental changes are easy like turning off a light or closing the water faucet all the way.

It has been a priority for MARTI to demonstrate the results and impacts of applying these good environmental practices both for the benefit of the hotels and the training program. To this end, it was instrumental to collect data on all consumption before and after MARTI’s training. Thus, it was possible for MARTI and the hotels to measure the amount of water, electricity, gas LP, and solid waste generation that has been avoided by the participating hotels because of this training.

The results of this analysis have been very rewarding.  Together, MARTI hotels have significantly reduced their consumption in the following areas:

Water 21.68 % 22,041,622.47 M³
Energy 18.12 % 673,056,686.11 kWh
Gas 16.9 % 44,280,045.14 Lts


PET 88,132,517.39 Kg
HDPE 24,533,131.11 Kg
Aluminum 21,028,398.09 Kg
Glass 353,978,034.55 Kg
Paper and cardboard 180,493,750.29 Kg
Steal 24,533,131.11 Kg
Vegetable Oil 43,809,162.69 Lts

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