Chasing Coral Film Screening

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Photo: Glovers Reef by XL Catlin Seaview Survey – The Ocean Agency – Christophe Bailhache

The biggest story of our changing climate is hidden beneath the waves, as coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. We invite you to join us as we take an up close look at a devastating bleaching event and explore what’s happening underwater.

In collaboration with Sayab Planetario de Playa del Carmen, MARTI will be hosting a screening of the film Chasing Coral next Wednesday, 23 August (7pm at the Playa del Carmen Planetarium). This award-winning documentary tells the story of a team of divers, photographers and scientists who set out on a thrilling ocean adventure to capture visual evidence of coral bleaching and reveal the underwater phenomenon to the world. For a sneak peek, check out the film trailer below: 

In addition to the film screening, the evening will also include a panel discussion, giving attendees an opportunity to learn about the film within the local context and ask questions. The panel will feature the following local experts:

  • Dra. Anastasia Banaszak from the UNAM (National Autonomous Univerity of Mexico)
  • Mtra. Marisol Rueda, Coordinator of Healthy Reefs for Healthy People in México
  • Biól. Lluvia Soto, Program Director of Global Vision International, in the Caribbean
  • Baruch Figueroa Zavala, Diver who was in part of the documentary.

For more information about this event or any other questions, please contact Sarah Connor at

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