Dr. Sarah Connor, Senior Director

SarahConnor-HeadshotSarah is passionate about the conservation of coral reef ecosystems and believes that a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach between scientists, industry, the not for profit sector and local communities is, by far, the best way to help protect our world’s reefs.

Having worked for many years for a large Mexican media network, Sarah had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Mexico and Central America. The spectacular coastline of the Meso-American Reef in the Caribbean inspired Sarah to learn more about reef protection and sustainable coastal development, leading her to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

In Australia Sarah obtained a Masters of Applied Science in NRM from James Cook University focussing on the sustainable management of tropical coastal and reef environments. This was followed by a PhD in Earth and Environmental Sciences from James Cook University and the University of Burgundy in France investigating the movement of Nitrogen, a potential reef pollutant, through soil and groundwater in a tropical coastal catchment adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef.

Sarah has since worked as an environmental specialist on a range of projects for the Australian government, private industry and not for profit NRM organisations, most notably in the areas of sustainable coastal and catchment management, protected area management and landscape rehabilitation. Her work has involved collaborating with diverse stakeholder groups and multi-disciplinary teams and communicating science to industry and the community.

In her role as Director of MARTI, Sarah will build on and promote MARTI’s extensive body of work in the MAR region, working with MARTI partners to continue to provide the tourism sector with the best possible tools to help ensure long-term sustainable environmental, social and economic outcomes in the MAR region.

Sarah aims to inspire a wide range of stakeholders to share MARTI’s vision: to have a thriving, sustainable tourism industry throughout the MAR region that supports and strives to maintain a healthy Meso-American Reef.