MARTI: the MesoAmerican Reef Tourism Initiative

The MesoAmerican Reef Tourism Initiative, better known as MARTI, is a collaborative initiative working to ensure that the breathtaking natural resources that draw millions of tourists to the MesoAmerican Reef Region each year are maintained and enhanced for the benefit of current and future generations.

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"Quintana Roo will continue to grow, this cannot be avoided.These tools are essential to ensuring truly sustainable development and they are helping entrepreneurs adapt to new challenges, such as climate change."

− José Funes, Delegate of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT)

"At first we had to 'sell' the idea of having an environmental management system. The concept of sustainable tourism was little known. Nearly 90% of the hotels did not even separate or recycle wastes. Now recycling is the norm, a part of their core operations; their efforts go far beyond. Sustainability has become part of their culture and they have outstanding environmental projects."

− Fernando del Valle, Operations Manager for AHRM’s Sustainable Hospitality Program.

"MARTI helped put us on the right path; it gave us training on reducing the footprint of our hotel, and recommended specific changes that we should make and indicators to measure our progress."

− Katia Cordourier, Director of the Ecological Foundation of Bahía Principe

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